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Eldon Nutrition TigRes Capsules provides an ultra-effective, safe and consistent form of tiger milk mushroom known as NKT 744, making it the perfect supplement for strengthening your body. At 500mg of TMM NKT744 extract per capsule, TigRes Capsules provides the optimum dosage of TMM.

How it works

Tiger Milk Mushroom NKT744

As TMM is not a medicine but rather a functional food, it can be hard getting consistent nutritional values from different batches of mushrooms out there as their quality may rely heavily on the environment they have been cultivated in.

To ensure consistent quality and efficacy, researchers have strived to find a stable strain of the mushroom and from their efforts, we now have TMM NKT744 which is a unique USDA organic certified TMM that ensures a standardized delivery and amount of the main therapeutically active compounds found in the mushroom.

These active compounds are total polysaccharides and 1,3 – 1,6 beta-glucans. This standardization ensures that the quality of NKT-744 is reproducible and consistent in every single batch.


Benefits Of Tiger Milk Mushroom

Lung Health

  • Traditionally used in treating respiratory diseases like chronic cough, sinus allergies, and asthma symptoms. TMM helps improve lung health by reducing the presence of cells that cause inflammation in the lungs and airways

Anti-Viral & Microbial

  • TMM helps to bolster the immune system against virus and microbial infections by increasing and enhancing immune responses

Heart and Blood​

  • TMM has found to have the potential in preventing blood clots which help reduce chances of a possible stroke or other related cardiovascular diseases

Liver Health ​

  • Has shown to help reduce the scarring in the liver caused by obesity

Joint Health

  • Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, the mushroom has been found to be effective in reducing joint pain caused by illness, injury, or age


  • High in antioxidants, cell damage is prevented as antioxidants help remove harmful free radicals from our body


  • It May help reduce allergies with its ability to reduce extreme immune responses caused by allergens


TMM NKT 744 extract (500mg), Veggie Capsules

All ingredients are 100% natural and free from artificial additives.


Consumption Guide

For children between 2-12 years, take ½ or 1 capsule a day with or without meals.

For children/adults 12 years and above, take 1 to 3 capsule(s) a day with or without meals.

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