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Rosemin C Plus is a sugar-free formulation of dissolvable tablets containing 1000mg of Vitamin C, Rose Hips (Rosa Canina) Extract, and Zinc. Additionally, these tablets come in a fantastic orange flavor and are easy to consume. All you have to do is add them to a cup of water, stir and enjoy.


How it works

Rosemin C Plus is uniquely formulated with Vitamin C, Rose Hips (Rosa Canina) Extract, and Zinc to provide triple protection for greater health benefit. All of those ingredients have high antioxidant content and individually, they provide multiple unique health benefits. But together, they work synergistically in boosting the immune system and improving skin health.

For adults, the Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) for Vitamin C is 70mg and the upper limit is 2,000 mg a day. However,  many studies have proven that high supplemental vitamin C intake ( > 500mg/day) has more beneficial effects on health.

Rose hip is the fruit of the rose bush, which develops after the flower petals fall off. It is particularly high in Vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant. Rose hips have 11 times more than the Vitamin C contained in oranges. Other than that, Rose hips are packed full of Vitamin A, E, and other antioxidants.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

  • Fade skin hyperpigmentation
  • Promote skin health
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Act as antioxidant protection

Health Benefits of Zinc

  • Support Vitamin C in boosting immunity
  • Help prevent and treat acne

Health Benefits of Rose Hips

  • Moisturize and hydrates skin
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Promote circulation



Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid 955mg), Rose Hips (Rosa Canina) Fruit Extract 100mg (Vitamin C 45mg), Zinc (Zinc citrate 32.79mg)

All ingredients are free from added preservatives.


Consumption Guide

✔ Dissolve one effervescent tablet into a glass of water. Stir and enjoy.

✔ For adults, take one tablet once daily after a meal.

✔ For children 6 – 12 years old, take half a tablet once daily after meal.


Suitable For

  • People who lead a hectic lifestyle
  • Smokers
  • People with skincare concerns
  • People who always fall sick
  • Diabetic



1. Why do we need Rosemin C Plus?

Many clinical studies showed that consuming at least 500mg of Vitamin C (or known as Ascorbic Acid) daily provided better health benefits.

2. Can people with a low sodium diet take Rosemin C Plus?

We do not recommend Rosemin C Plus for people with a low (1000mg) sodium diet as Rosemin C Plus contains about 290mg of sodium bicarbonate inside.

3. Why Rosemin C Plus taste sweet while the product claimed contains no added sugar?

No added sugar means does not contain free sugars. Rosemin C Plus is formulated with sodium saccharine with a little bit of aspartame. Both are artificial sweetener with no-calorie and does not raise blood sugar level.

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