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Everyday Multivitamin and Digestive Enzyme

- Promote General Well

- Being

- Stimulate Appetite

- Support Healthy Digestion

Vitamin A

? Promotes good version, Especially in low light

? Aids in maintaining healthy skin and mucous membrane

Vitamin B1

? Help the body metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Vitamin B2

? Help the body to utilize energy from food

Vitamin B6

? Helps the body to make antibodies

Vitamin B12

? Helps the maintenance of central nervous system

? Helps prevent certains forms of anaemia

Vitamin C

? Helps the body utilize calcium and phosphorus

? Keeps gum and tooth healthy

Vitamin D

? Helps the body absorb calcium

? Builds strong tooth and bones

Vitamin E

? Helps keep the immune system strong againts viruses and bacteria

Biodiastase is a digestive enzyme containing Amylase (which catalysts the starch into maltose), Protease (which digests the protein into peptides and amino acids) and Cellulase (which converts carbohydrates into dextrins and short chain sugars)


Each tablet contains – Vitamin A …

1835IU Vitamin B1 … 049mg Vitamin B2 … 063mg Vitamin B6 … 074mg Vitamin B12 … 220mcg Vitamin C … 60mg Vitamin D … 147IU Vitamin E … 11IU Nicotinamide … 733mg Folic Acid … 015mg L-Lysine HCl … 50mg Biodiastase … 20mg (a-Amylase 390 u/tablet, S-Amylase 188 u/tablet, Protease 380 u/tablet, Cellulase 18 u/tablet)

Dosage/How to use:

Adults and children above 12 years: Chew or suck 1 tablet 2 times daily after meal


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