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Your Daily Restoration of Vital Nutrients

MegaLive Nutrifer contains Iron Pyrophosphate, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 & Copper Gluconate which helps to replenish iron stores & increases production of red blood cell in the body. MegaLive Nutrifer can compensate for menstrual loss as well as fights the symptoms of anaemie such as fatigue, paleness & leg cramps.

Why MegaLive Nutrifer Is Your Best Pick?

  • High bioavailable source of iron
  • No digestive tract irritation at high dose
  • Reduced metallic taste

Recommended Dosage

Adults: Take 1 capsule once daily before meal or as recommended by a pharmacist/doctor or your health care professional.


Each 480mg Vegecap contains:
Iron Pyrophosphate  (Equiv. to 17.94mg Iron) 230mg
Folic Acid 0.9mg
Vitamin C 50mg
Vitamin B12 0.06mg
Copper Gluconate (Equiv. to 2mg Copper) 14.28mg


MegaLive Nutrifer Is Suitable For

  • Pregnancy women
  • Athlete
  • Individual with poor diet
  • Individual with unexplained anaemia

Features And Benefits 

  1. Helps to prevent anaemia due to blood loss, poor diet/inability to absorb iron from food.
  2. LIPOFER® microencapsulation used in MegaLive Nutrifer is a microencapsulated source of iron that helps to improve iron absorption.
  3. Enhance body function such as healthy tissue development, normal infant development & cell improvement.
  4. Healthy pregnancy by reduce neural tube defects by increased the production of red blood cells.


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