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Registration Number: MAL06100591X

Enema that contains sodium salt acts by retaining fluid in the bowel by osmosis or by changing the pattern of water distribution in feces.


Sodium chloride 15g

Preservative : 3-methyl-6-isopropyl phenol 0.001g

Dosage/How to use: 

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with clean running water and dry them before handling the enema.

2. Ensure that the person is lying down on the side with one leg bent to the chest.

3. Open the cover of the enema and insert the enema into the anus slowly. Do not insert the enema forcefully as this may cause injury to the anus.

4. Slowly press the enema until all the liquid medicine is administered into the anus.

5. Pull out the enema from the anus carefully.

6. The person is advised to stay in the position until there is an urge to defecate which usually happens within 2 – 5 minutes.


- Children (consult healthcare professional)

- Pregnancy

- Allergic to the ingredients listed

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