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Benefits: Easing Joint Pain – Sea cucumber contains high levels of chondroitin sulfate, a major component of cartilage. The loss of chondroitin sulfate is associated with arthritis and taking sea cucumber extract may help to reduce the joint pain, according to an article titled "Dynamic Chiropractic."

Wound Healing – Also known as “Cell Growth Factor”, it facilitates the formation of new tissues within a short time. This property is believed to be from sea cucumber’s ability to regenerate its own tissues quickly when it is injured. This can be helpful in the case of diabetes mellitus, where it can also be applied to the wounds.

Rejuvenates Skin – Collagen provides integrity, firmness and elasticity to our skin. Sea cucumber contains high level natural collagen which provides essential supplement to our skin.

Anti-Inflammatory - Sea cucumbers with anti-inflammatory effects can help alleviate pain in patients. A study by Malaysian scientists that was published in October 2011 in “Marine Drugs”¹ found that sea cucumber supplements reduced inflammation in both male and female rats.

Who Should Take Sea Cucumber Extract? Regularly having joint pain problem Patients who undergone operation Patients with serious wounds

Directions : Take 15 ml each time, directly or mix with fruit juice, cold or warm water (100ml), 2 times a day, before meal Contents : 500ml

Storage: Keep below 30 degree. Protect from light and moisture. Keep bottle tightly closed and refrigerate after opening

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