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Registation Number: GA3397121-52175

A disposable device that covers the user’s nose and mouth and provides a physical barrier to droplets, fluids, and particulate materials

SIZE 175MM (WIDTH) X 95MM (LENGTH) PACKAGING DETAILS 50pcs/innerbox, 2500pcs/carton BFE 30µm: = 99% (ASTM F2101) PFE 03µm: = 95% (NIOSH 42 CFR 84) Low Breathability Resistance (?P): = 30 mmH2O/cm² (4412


- M 36954C) Fluid Resistance: 160mmHg (ASTM F1862) Microbial Cleanliness: =30 cfu/g (Meet EN14683 Requirement) COLOR Blue Purple Pink


Material: 3 Layers of Protection (Inner layer: Thermal bond, Middle layer: Melt Blown, Outer layer: Spun bond)

Dosage/How to use:

1) Wash you hands before touching the mask

2) Inspect the mask for tears or holes

3) Find the top side, where the metal place or stiff edge is

4) Ensure the proper side faces outwards

5) Place the metal piece or stiff edge over your nose

6) Cover your mouth, nose and chin

7) Adjust the mask to your face without leaving gasps on the side

8) Avoid touching the mask

9) Remove the mask from behind the ears or head Take note:

1) Stretch ear-loops over both ears

2) Secure nose wire with coloured layer outwards

3) Expand face mask to cover entire chin


- For external use only - Do not use if the packaging is damaged or expired - The mask is one-time use product, and it is recommended to be placed after continuous use for 4 hours - The mask should be stored in a non-corrosive gas, cool, dry, well-ventilated and clean environment

- Please dispose the used masks safely

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