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[MADE IN MALAYSIA] Disposable device that specifically design to fit small faces to cover Kid's nose and mouth and provides a physical barrier to droplets, fluids, and particulate materials.



- Tested and Manufactured in ISO Compliant Facilities.

- Reliable Filtration Efficiency (BFE >99%, PFE >95%)

- Fluid & Droplets Resistance

- Durable & Elastic Ear Loop

- Superior Protection Without Sacrifice on Comfort.

- Extra Length Nose Strip for Perfect Fit

- Stylish & Colorful with Customized Design Available

- Made in Malaysia

Size: 140mm x 95mm (KID)


Material: 3 Layers of Protection (Inner layer: Thermal bond, Middle layer: Melt Blown, Outer layer: Spun bond)

Dosage/How to use:

1. Wash your hands before touching the mask

2. Inspect the mask for tears or holes

3. Find the top side, where the metal place or stiff edge is

4. Ensure the proper side faces outwards

5. Place the metal piece or stiff edge over your nose

6. Cover your mouth, nose, and chin

7. Adjust the mask to your face without leaving gasps on the side

8. Avoid touching the mask

9. Remove the mask from behind the ears or head

Take note:

1. Stretch ear-loops over both ears.

2. Secure nose wire with coloured layer outwards.

3. Expand face mask to cover the entire chin.



- For external use only.

- The mask use is limited to its stated purpose and does not go beyond that.

- Stop using if skin irritation occurs.

- This is a daily disposable face mask; do not wash and reuse.

- Dispose mask immediately in the event it touches an open wound or inflammation.

- This mask does not supply oxygen, protect against harmful gases, chemicals and vapours.

- Do not modify or alter the mask.

- Keep pack sealed at all times.

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