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Ebene bio-ray technology with tourmaline helps promote blood & oxygen cicrculation, strengthen elow and provide elbow support


- Relieves arm pain and muscle ache caused by excessive exercise or labour

- Suitable for long hours use, day and night daily


Bio-ray technology is formed with natural mineral elements and trace mineral elements.

Bio-Ray Energy can emit a Bio Energy Ray that penetrates deeply into the muscles (30mm) to stimulate the circulation of oxygen and blood.

SIZE S < 22.7CM

SIZE M : 22.8CM - 24.8CM

SIZE L : 24.9CM -27.0CM

Dosage/How to use:

For first-time users: wear during day time for a short period (2-4 hours) Gradually extent to night use once body is accustomed to the product.

Wear intermittently during the day for the first week and gradually increase the length of wear.

Recommend to use even after the pain has been relieved.

Life span: approximately 9 months. Replace once prints are worn out.


- Allergic to the ingredients listed

- For external use only

- Use only as directed

- Stop using if irritation occurs

- Recommend handing wash the guard in mid detergent but avoid excessive rubbing & sqeezing to prevent removal of bio energy materials.

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