HYPOCOL 600mg CAP 90sX2

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Standardised Red Yeast Rice of Monascus purpureus Went
Traditionally used for Maintenance of General Health
- Complements diet and exercise
- Patented formula
- 100% Natural

Quality Assurance
1. Guaranteed original source
2. Standardised active ingredients for optimal and consistent results
3. Manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice
4. Scientifically tested for safety & efficacy

Historical usage of Monascus purpureus Went Rice
Hypocol capsule is scientifically prepared using the proprietary ingredients Red Yeast (known in Chinese as "Hong Qu") of the species Monascus purpureus Went fermented on premium rice. Well-documented as traditional Chinese health food, Hong Qu's record dates back during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) and was first published in the ancient Chinese Pharmacopoeia, "Ben Cao Gang Mu - Dan Shi Bu Yi".
This knowledge combined with thorough understanding of modern pharmacology and biotechnology led to the development of Hypocol capsule

Directions for Use
Two 600mg capsules to be taken twice daily with or shortly after the morning and evening meal.

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