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KozyDerm MayFace Acne Patch 

Your Best Partner for Sudden Breakout of Acne                                                                                                                                                         

  • High absorption to acne pus
  • Protect acne wound
  • can be worn under make-up

Advantages of MayFace Acne Patch

  1. Goods for protecting wound with trenches 'dome' design
  2. Provides moist environment and wound protection
  3. Unnoticeable skin-like coverage
  4. Allowing normal washing and bathing
  5. Easy and clean applying by 'Individually Cut', ' Cut Line of release paper'
  6. All package are comprised of 12mm bands

How to Use MayFace Acne Patch

  1. Cleanse and dry your hands and acne area prior to use.
  2. Tear off one of the acne patch
  3. Remove half of the acne patch release paper
  4. Position the patch centrally on acne
  5. Remove another half of acne patch release paper
  6. Gently press the patch for 3-5 Seconds for better adhesion and invisibility

Model :

All Skin Type

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