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The Comprehensive Formula with High Potency Magnesium for Heart, Immune and Blood Sugar Health. Refining of whole grains eliminates most of the magnesium content. Diets containing large amounts of phosphates interfere with magnesium absorption. Any kind of stress also depletes the body of magnesium. Adding to that, today's drinking water has low levels of magnesium. Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body to help: •Keep heart rhythm steady •Promote normal blood pressure •Prevent hardening of heart blood vessels •Inhibit arterial blood clotting •Support healthy immune system •Regulate blood sugar levels •Keep bones strong •Required in energy metabolism Who will benefit: Everyone as most is deficient in Magnesium but especially •Those concern about heart health •Those concern about maintaining healthy blood pressure •Migraine sufferers •Asthmatics •Those concern about osteoporosis •For reducing the risk of colon cancer •For reducing the risk of kidney stones •For reducing risk of Diabetes. Low dietary intake can lead to insulin resistance. Benefits: •Reduce cardiovascular disease •Maintain healthy blood pressure •Helps prevents diabetes (low dietary intake of Mg can lead to insulin resistance) •Reduce frequency of migraines •Reduce incidence of asthma attacks •Prevent Osteoporosis •Reduce risk of colon cancer •Reduce muscle cramps •Reduce risk of kidney stones

 Direction of use

Adult - Take 1 tablet once daily after meal.

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