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A combination of consists of Type I, & Type II low molecular weight collagen from Germany.

Lucol-S is awarded Malaysia Health and Wellness Brand Awards 2019 by the judges from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Malaysian Pharmaceutical society, etc. Help to:

- Replenishes collagen level in the body directly

- Activates & enhances the collagen formation process in the body

- Delays aging process

- Enhances & improves the firmness of skin elasticity

- Reduces wrinkles & eye bags

- Skin whitening

- Promotes healthy joints & alleviates joint pain

Marine Collagen

- Derived from codfish

- Low molecular weight collagen protein peptide (500 Da)

- Direct utilization to supplement the depleted collagen peptide in our body

- Rapid absorption and utilized by the body

- Odourless with no fishy smell 

Bovine Collagen

- Derived from bovine

- Low molecular weight collagen protein peptide (800 Da)

- Rapid absorption and utilized by the body

- To repair & maintain cartilage

- Relieves joint pain while repairing process takes place 

Acai Berry

- Originated from Amazon Region

- Regarded as superfruit by the Brazilian

- One of the highest anti-oxidant berries

- Anthocyanin rich which protects our skin from the damage of ultraviolet 

Camu Berry

- One of nature’s highest sources of anti-oxidant source berries

- One of nature’s highest sources of Vitamin C

- 90 times more vitamin C compared to orange

- Vitamin C is essential for collagen formation

- Promotes the repair of DNA

- Plays important role in anti-aging especially for the brain 

Olive Extract

- Olive oil contains a special substance – Squalane

- Squalane is a rare and precious substance proven to be effective to reduce wrinkles & act as a natural moisturizer 

Perilla Seed

- Perilla Seed is rich in polyphenol and omega 3 EFA substance

- Anti-aging effect for the skin

- Anti-inflammatory effect

- Anti-allergic effect

- Promotes skin health (acne, dry skin, sensitive skin)

- Reduces oxidative stress in the body


Marine Collagen (Peptide and Tri-peptide), Bovine Collagen, Acai Berry, Kamu-Kamu Berry, Olive Powder, Perilla Seed Powder, Stevia Extract

Dosage/How to use:

1. Mix 1 sac with 200ml of lukewarm water and consume immediately.

2. New consumers (1s and 2nd week) or those with serious skin aging condition

3. take 2 sachets a day (1 sachet in the morning before breakfast, 1 sachet in the evening before dinner)

4. Maintenance dose takes 1 sachet a day (Evening before dinner)


- Children

- Pregnancy and lactation

- Allergic to the ingredients listed

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