NOVOFINE NEEDLE 31G x 6mm x 100's

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Registration Number: GB53225247817

Novofine Pen Needles are sterile, screw-on needles used in conjunction with an Insulin Pen or prefilled syringe for the injection of insulin. Universal Fit-Fits all currently available insulin pens and some GLP-1 receptor agonist pens.

SuperFlow™ technology-Designed to enhance flow rates and reduce dosage force which make the administration becomes quicker and easier


- Stainless steel

- Size: 0.25mm (31g) x 6mm per box of 100

Dosage/How to use:

1. First, wash your hands

2. Attach the new needle onto the pen. Remove the outer and inner needle shield

3. Make sure you rotate between injection sites

4. Prime your pen as recommended and dial the required dose

5. Pinch your skin, if recommended, and insert the needle at a 90º angle

6. Push the button down completely. Keep the button pressed down, count slowly to 10 seconds before removing

7. Carefully replace the outer cap

8. Dispose of the needle in a suitable sharps container.

*It is important to inject your insulin according to the recommendations given to you by your nurse or doctor. Consult them about the needle length and the injection technique most appropriate for you.


- Keep out of reach of children

- Sterile is guaranteed if the seal is unbroken

- Single-use only

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