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Memomax is a tasty chewable tablet formulated with proprietary CognizinⓇ, Cognizin® Citicoline that are clinically proven to improve brain health. It helps to boost memory, improve learning, protect the brain from age-related cognitive condition and increase mental energy. Highly recommended for students, working adults, or athletes to improve their concentration during learning or working and as general brain health maintenance.

Cognizin® Citicoline®  Helps to regulate memory & cognitive functions. Aid neural communication; maintain healthy level of acetylcholine (neural transmitter).clinically proven to improve brain health.
Memomaz helps to improve memory, focus, mood and energy.
Fortified with vital nutrients that help to stimulate or maintain healthy brain cells.

Contains natural sweetener (Xylitol) to help prevent dental cavities and plaque

Direction of use

Children aged 6-12: 1 tablet daily before meal.     

Teenagers aged 13-18: 1-2 tablets daily before meal.

Adults: 2-4 tablets daily before meal.

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