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Zensil mouth spray is for the treatment of sore throat infections and pain.

It is a viscous ,filmogenic ,hypertonic solution. When sprayed on the throat surface it forms over the throat mucosa. This will detach and drain all the contaminants present on the throat surface including bacteria,free virus particles,dead cell and cell debris.

1.For soothing and refreshing mouth and throat with a fresh natural mint taste.
2.For bad breath
3.Mouth Ulcers
4.Dry irritating cough
5.Alcohol free and contain honey.
Contains 6 natural active ingredients
Honey ,Propolis -antibacterial
Aloe vera,eucalyptus -Soothing&Anti-inflammatory

Peppermint& Citrus Peel Oil-Refreshing &Relieving

Direction of use

Point the spray nozzle into your mouth and dispense 1-2 squirtz.Use Protectist Zensil Mouth Spray as often as desired.