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- Highest accuracy by rotating in 3” Scanning Mode
or 1” measurement

- Multiple-Use PLUG & SECURE Probe Cover
(Clean the Probe Cover with alcohol after every use)

- Ear temperature

- Fever Alarm

- 9 memories

- °C / °F switchable

- Backlight

- Auto shut-off

-Low battery indicator

- Self-diagnosis for malfunction


Ear thermometer Storage case CR2032 battery Instruction manual Probe cover

Dosage/How to use:

1. To achieve accurate readings, make sure a new, clean probe cover is
in place before each measurement and the ear canal is clean.
- Install the probe cover by clockwise rotating then fix it.
- Remove the probe cover by anti-clockwise rotating then release it.

2. Press the “On/Off/Memory” button, the thermometer is ready
for use, after the ear icon is flashing, two beeps are sounded, and
three dash segments are appeared.

3. Gently pull the ear back to straighten the ear canal and snugly position the probe into the ear canal, aiming towards the membrane of the eardrum to obtain an accurate reading.
- Before measurement, correct installation of the probe cover ensures accurate measurement.
- Replace the probe cover after each use to ensure an accurate reading and avoid cross contamination.
- This thermometer must only be used with rossmax probe covers, other covers can lead to inaccuracy.

4. Measuring the ear temperature: Use the index finger to trigger, by pressing “Start” button, a long beep will be sounded when measurement is done.

5. For the next measurement, remove the used probe cover and put on a new one.

6. Power off: If left idle for more than 1 minute, device will automatically shut off for extending battery life. Or press “On/Off/Memory” button for at least 3 seconds to turn the device off.

7. Fever alarm: When the measuring temperature is higher than 37.5°C(93.2°F), the reading will flash, the backlight will be enabled, and 4 short beeps will be sounded. If measuring temperature is higher than 42.2 °C(108°F), the display will show “Hi”, the backlight will
be enabled, and 4 short beeps will be sounded.
- It is recommended that you measure 3 times with the same ear within a short period of time. If the 3 consecutive measurements are different, select the highest temperature.
- To avoid the risk of cross contamination, please clean the probe according to “Clean and Storage“ section after each use.


This is a home healthcare product only, and it is not intended to serve as a substitute for the advice of a healthcare professional

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