SALONPAS 2 PATCH (13 x 8.4cm)

Size: 2 Patches
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Registration Number: MAL20020384X

Relieves mild to moderate aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with:

- Stiff neck

- Sore shoulders 

- Joint pain

- Backache

- Strains

- Bruises

- Sprains


Methyl salicylate 10%, Menthol 3%

Dosage/How to use:

1. Clean and the dry affected area.

2. Remove patch from backing film and apply to skin.

3. Use only 1 patch at a time per affected area

4. Leave an individual patch in place for up to 8 hours.

5. Do not use more than a total of 4 patches per day.

6. Use no more than 2 patches per day per affected area.

7. Do not use it for more than 5 days in a row.


- Children

- Pregnancy and lactation

- For external use only

- Do not use on wounds or damaged skin

- Avoid contact with the eyes, mucous membranes, or rashes

- Allergic to any ingredients listed

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