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Tena Value Adult M all-in-one adult diapers offers 2X the absorbency that the wearer’s needs. It is specially designed for semi-mobile/bed-ridden users in South East Asia. 

1. Excellent fluid retention

New Improved Dry Fast Core designed with Soft Acquisition Layer and Super Absorb Gel locks away wetness and keep skin dry and comfortable. 

2. Effective leakage prevention

Leak Guard Protection provides maximum containment of urine and feces. 

3. Skin soothing layer with 4 botanical extracts

Skin soothing layer contains botanical extracts of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive and Vitamin E that keeps skin soothed and healthy.

4. Wetness indicator for easy change

Wetness indicator color fades when diaper gets wet. Caregivers easily know when to do a diaper change. 

5. Better fit and comfort

Refastening frontal patch allows for repeated adjustment of tape tabs for more comfortable fit. 


10 pcs per pack 


Dosage/How to use:

In Standing Position: 

1. Wetness indicator as a midline, place wetness indicator at front to our navel to ensure that the diaper position is centralized

2. Attach the lower tapes of both sides slightly angled up. This is to make sure that the leg elastic bands fit well over the groin to prevent side leakage

3.  Attach the upper tapes of both sides slightly angled down. Finally, adjust the diaper to ensure it fits to your body 

In Laying Down Position

1.  Fold the diaper lengthwise and cup it in your hands

2. Have he or she to lie on his or her side Insert the diaper through the crotch area from front to back. Make sure the wetness indicator is in the middle before unfolding the diaper. Smooth out the diaper and turn he or she to lie on the back

3. Having the wetness indicator in the middle, place the diaper to be at the centre Make sure waist line is close to the navel

4.  Stick the lower tapes first and secure it at an angle up position. The curved leg elastic on the diaper will prevent side leakage

5. Attach the upper tapes at an angle down position


- For external use only 


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