TRINLEY MAGNA 2000 100ml

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Trinley Magna 2000 Magnesium Spray contains the most concentrated & purest form of Magnesium Chloride, extracted from the ancient (250 million years old) Zechstein sea (1500-2000m deep in the interior of the earth)

Magnesium is a POTENT MUSCLE RELAXANT that plays a crucial role in muscle contraction and energy production Just a quick spray on the target area on your skin

Each spray contains Magnesium Chloride, which rapidly and effectively absorbs into the skin and helps in soothing and relaxing It can be used daily and has no unpleasant odor


Aqua, Magnesium Chloride

Dosage/How to use:

- Spray 4-5 times (approximately 1ml) onto the skin of the affected area and massage well into the skin

- This can be used up to 5ml in each topical application It is most effective after a warm shower


- For external use only

- Avoid direct contact with eyes, sensitive mucous membranes, and open wounds

- If you experience a slight tingling or a warm sensation, simply dilute the particular area with clear water

- Keep out of reach of children

- Allergic to the ingredients listed 

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