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VISMED® is a hypotonic aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate (SH) which contains a number of important ions also found in natural tears, and, as such, is very close in characteristics to the natural tear film

Suitable for individual who has moderate or severe sensation of dryness in the eye VISMED® contains sodium hyaluronate, a natural polymer which is also present in the structures of the human eye The particular physical characteristics of sodium hyaluronate confer to VISMED® its visco

- elastic and water retaining properties

VISMED® provides a stable coating on the surface of the eye which is only slowly eliminated by blinking Therefore VISMED® combines long lasting relief with maximum comfort VISMED® is well tolerated due to its unique composition It is free from preservatives


1 ml solution contains sodium hyaluronate 1

8 mg, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, disodium phosphate, sodium citrate, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and water for injections The solution is hypotonic

Dosage/How to use:

1) Twist off the tab

2) Tilt the head backwards and position the tip of the container above the eye to be treated

3) Move the lower eyelid down with the forefinger of one hand

4) Press the container and one drop of VISMED® will easily flow out

5) If not otherwise recommended, instill 1 or 2 drops of VISMED® onto the eye as often as needed

6) After blinking, the solution will disperse and form a transparent and long lasting coating on the surface of the eye

7) VISMED® may also be used while wearing contact lenses (rigid or soft)


As VISMED® does not contain preservatives, any solution not used immediately after opening should be discarded

Any solution not used within 12 hours after opening must be discarded Otherwise the sterility is no longer guaranteed and this may be associated with a risk of infection Store between below 30ºC Do not use VISMED® after the expiry date indicated on the container and the folding box If discomfort persists while using VISMED® consult a physician Keep out of reach of children Allergic to the ingredients listed Do not use VISMED® if the container is damaged Do not touch the tip of the opened container and do not touch the surface of the eye with the tip of the opened container Otherwise the container should be discarded immediately after use Reclose the container after use

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