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Zentril is a new formulation designed exclusively for patients to support healthy joints. The formulation which comprises collagen type II & shark cartilage has proven excellent results in restoring joint flexibility and reduce inflammation whether from old age or injury.

- Collagen type II is a major structural component of cartilage and is localized almost exclusively in this tissue. Besides, collagen also helps in repairing tendon ligaments at the joints. It also contains proteoglycan that inhibit blood vessel formation in joints and reduce enzyme attacks on the cartilage itself. Thus, there is a rejuvenation of the joint. Additionally, many of these proteoglycans found in collagen type II support the lubricating fluid of the joint called the synovial fluid. these proteoglycans increase the thickness and lubricating effectiveness of this fluid.

- Shark cartilage which contains chondroitin, has the anti-inflammation property that soothes tingling sensation.


Collagen Type II.
- Zentril uses oligo as natural sweetener and is therefore sugar free and suitable for diabetics.

It is in sachet form to improve absorption and has a delicious lemon taste.

Dosage/How to use:

- Mix 1 sachet of Zentril Sachet into drinking water and stir. Drink immediately.

- Take only 1 sachet per day.

*To see best effect on your joint health, take for a minimum of 6 consecutive months.


- Hypersensitivity to the listed ingredients

- Pregnancy and lactation, consult healthcare professional prior consuming

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