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The new and advanced Glucerna is designed to unlock the benefits of nutrition to support the effective management of diabetes. Glucerna’s unique blend is scientifically designed to promote the secretion of Insulin through GLP-1 Pathway and has 4X higher Myo-inositol (compared to the previous version of Glucerna), which helps to improve insulin sensitivity for glycemic control. - Improved slow-release carbohydrate blend (fibersol-2, sucromalt, maltitol, fructose, isomaltulose, FOS, and oat fiber).

- 4x higher inositol as compared to Glucerna Triple Care.

- Unique dual fiber blend of soluble fibers (Fibersol-2, FOS) and insoluble fiber (oat fiber).

- Unique lipid blend with Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 (MUFA).

- Complete and balanced nutrition with 28 vitamins and minerals.

- Suitable as a meal replacement.

- Low glycemic index.



Protein 10.16 g, fat 8.7 g (monounsaturated fat 4.05 g, α-linolenic acid 0.16 g, linoleic acid 1.8 g, saturated fat 0.99 g, trans fatty acid 0.13 g, cholesterol 4 mg), carbohydrate 26.11 g (lactose 0.22 g, polyols 3.26 g), fibre 3.90 g (FOS 1.07 g), carnitine 17.2 mg, taurine 19.9 mg, choline 99.5 mg, inositol 800.3 mg, vitamin A 166 mcg RE (553 IU), vitamin D3 6.51 mcg (261 IU), vitamin E 5.3 mg α-TE (7.8 IU), vitamin K1 19.8 mcg, vitamin C 21.4 mg, vitamin B1 0.41 mg, vitamin B2 0.48 mg, niacin 4.79 mg NE, vitamin B6 0.63 mg, folic acid 81 mcg, vitamin B12 0.82 mcg, biotin 9.4 mcg, pantothenic acid 1.93 mg, sodium 211 mg, potassium 370 mg, chloride 313 mg, calcium 223 mg, phosphorus 168 mg, magnesium 59.4 mg, iron 2.1 mg, zinc 3 mg, copper 167 mcg, manganese 0.78 mg, selenium 15.6 mcg, chromium 39.6 mcg, molybdenum 26.1 mcg, iodine 38 mcg.

Dosage/How to use:

5 level scoops (52.1g) in 200ml of cooled water to prepare a 237ml serving.


- Contains vitamin K, the person taking Warfarin shall seek medical advice before consuming this product.

- Not suitable for individuals with galactosemia, not intended for children unless recommended by qualified healthcare professionals.

- Not for intravenous use.


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