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- Designed to pierce the tip of the finger or ear canal in a simple and almost painless way.

- Work with Softclix, Softclix Plus, Softclix Classic, and Softclix II lancing devices.


Sterile Lancet x 25s

Dosage/How to use:

1. Insert to the suitable lancing device before use.

2. After each use, need to dispose of solid tin.


- Intended for personal use only.

- It is only allowed to be used to obtain blood from one person.

- There is a risk of infections being transmitted if the lancing device is used by other people

- Keep out of reach of children under 3 years.

- If the lancing device falls with a lancet inserted, the lancet may become loose in the lancet holder. The patient cannot use it anymore to obtain blood. If the lancing device falls, the patient should pick it up with care. The patient should remove the cap from the lancing device. The patient should pay attention to the lancet so that he/she does not injure himself/herself on it. The patient should always eject the lancet and discard it.

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