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Acne-Aid Bar is a balanced blend of gentle degreasing agents and effective cleansers that help cleanse the skin gently and thoroughly. Due to its highly effective cleansing power, Acne-Aid Bar is very useful in acne and oily skin conditions. Acne-Aid Bar contains no perfume, coloring, or abrasives.

Key Benefits:

Active ingredient sulfonated surfactant blend 63 mg/g

- as an aid in the management of acne and any condition where greasy skin predominates.

- Suppresses bacteria from skin pores.

- Has a special soap base made up of Heavy Molecular Weight fatty acids that do not penetrate the skin.

- Makes skin soft and smooth.

- Works as a strong anti-inflammatory.

- Removes oily feeling from the face and makes you more beautiful and attractive.


Na palmate, Napalm kernelate, sulfated olive oil, mineral oil, palm acid, NaCl, sorbitan oleate, glycerin, palm kernel acid, trisodium HEDTA, tetrasodium EDTA, etidronic acid, trisodium NTA, Na hydroxide

Dosage/How to use:

Make a lather with warm water and massage into the affected skin using the fingertips or a facecloth

Rinse and repeat as necessary




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