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An Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) helpsindividual with poor cordination during the inhalation of MDI medications. It also helps to reduce throat irritaion due to poor inhalation of the MDI inhaler and aid in better medication absorption through aerosol.

- Flow-Vu indicator: The flap moves when the patient inhales, so the caregiver can visually monitor if the patient is inhaling correctly.

- Anti-static Chamber: Improves the delivery of MDIs used with AeroChamber due to medication not adhering to chamber walls. Latex, lead, PVC, phthalate, and BPA free.

- ComfortSeal mask: Provides critical face mask seal and is soft and comfortable. ‘EZ Flow’ Extension Valve: Directs exhaled medication away from patient’s face and eyes.

- Inhalation Valve: Built-in, low-resistance, one-way valve opens easily and prevents exhalation back to the chamber.

- Universal Adapter: Fits most commonly prescribed MDIs.

- Suitable for infants 0-18 months


Aerochamber, face mask

Dosage/How to use:

How to use:

1. Visually check for any foreign particle inside the chamber

2. Remove the cap from the MDI inhaler

3. Shake the MDI inhaler up and down 5 times before each use

4. Attach the MDI inhaler into the backpiece of the chamber

5. Apply the mask firmly onto the face

If it is effectively seal, the Inspiratory Flow Indicator (IFI) will move towards the face mask

6. Press the pump of the inhaler, breathe in and out like normal breath for 5 times

Slow down inhalation if a whistle sound is heard

7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 if another puff is required

8) Detach the inhaler from the aerochamber and keep both MDI and aerochamber in a dry, cool place.

Cleaning procedure:

1. Remove the back piece by pulling

2. Remove the frontpiece (with mask) by twisting

3. Soaks the part in (lukewarm water + mild detergent) for 15 minutes

4. Briefly agitate the parts in pure lukewarm water and shake dry

5. Put the parts in a dry towel, allowing it to airdry in vertical position

6. Reassemble the part after the parts are dried


- Do not heat or boil the chamber above 70 degree celcius

- When cleaning, do not rub with sponge or towel

- Do not share the chamber for personal hygiene

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