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Key Features & Benefits:

- Non-sticky soothing gel formula that seals in moisture overnight, for extra relief from dry eye symptoms

- Easy to use, well-tolerated with a good safety profile.

- Provides long-lasting protection from persistently irritated, dry, gritty, painful eyes by calming and relieving symptoms.


1 g contains 2mg carbomer, medium-chain triglycerides, sterile water, cetrimide, sorbitol, sodium hydroxide

Dosage/How to use:

Instill one drop of Artelac® Nighttime Gel into the conjunctival sac 15 mins before going to bed; and if you prefer a gel product, 3 to 5 drops can be used daily.


- Please do not use Artelac® Nighttime Gel after the expiry date.

- In rare cases, this product can cause hypersensitive reactions. Treatment should be discontinued in such cases.

- If you are using different eye preparations, wait approximately 15 minutes before using the second drops.

- If you wear contact lenses, wait approximately 15 minutes before putting them in.

- Artelac® Nighttime Gel will cause initial blurring upon installation before consecutive blinking shears away the gel.

- If Artelac® Nighttime Gel is used during the day, wait until the vision clears before using machinery or driving.

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