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The first choice for dry eyes - for each day Artelac ® Splash without preservatives creates a quick and long lasting relief for dry, stressed and tired eyes. Whether in the office, home or while traveling: With the natural moisturizer hyaluronic Artelac® Splash offers soothing and refreshing moisturisation and relief especially for environmentally related dry eye (eg dry, stressed and tired eyes of air conditioners, dry heated air, computer work). Artelac ® Splash is available as a practical single-dose ampules (EDO ®) and as an innovative multi-dose Ophtiole (MDO ®). The innovative and unique Control Grip TM system Artelac® Splash MDO ® simplifies your handling and gives you a feeling of security in the application. Artelac ® Splash is suitable for: Woman in Office for all persons with dry eyes among others caused by external influences such as intensive VDU or air-conditioned rooms People who want to choose between the practical EDO® go and unpreserved, long-life MDO® Contact lens wearers, their comfort is compromised by a feeling of dryness of the eyes contact lenses Artelac ® Splash is very well tolerated in both hard and soft contact lenses (they do not need to be removed in the application). Frequently asked questions about Artelac ® Splash: How often can Artelac ® Splash are applied? Artelac ® Splash contains no preservative and can be used daily as often. Drops as needed 1 drop in each eye. How long can Artelac ® Splash are applied? Due to its ingredients Artelac Splash is very well suited for long-term application. How is Artelac ® Splash store? The prescribed for Artelac ® Splash temperature range is from + 1 ° to + 25 ° C. The unit dose ampules (EDO ®) of Artelac ® Splash must be kept protected from light. What precautions should be taken? (eg. when driving a car) As with any eye drops may be impaired after instillation the view for a short time. However Artelac ® Splash spread very quickly on the surface of the eye, thus ensuring immediate clear view. Which symptoms of dry eye, Artelac ® Splash is? Artelac ® Splash is particularly suitable for dry, stressed and tired eyes. Are they here the self-test! Is Artelac ® Splash suitable for allergy sufferers? Artelac ® Splash is characterized by its excellent tolerability. In very rare cases may lead to hypersensitivity reactions. The product should no longer be applied. What is the ingredient hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic acid, or hyaluronan, is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Due to its chemical and physical properties it has a variety of tasks. So, for example, hyaluronic acid bind large amounts of water. Hyaluronic acid is, inter alia, in cartilage, in synovial fluid, in the skin and the eyes to see the tear film and the vitreous humor.

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