BYE BYE FEVER CHILD 2's x 8 (EXP : 12/2021)

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  • ■ Lasts up to 10 hours.
  • ■ Gentle to skin.
  • ■ Safe to use with medications.

Read the instructions carefully before use.

  • ■ Cooling gel sheet (single-use medical device).
  • ■ Remove the transparent plastic film and apply the adhesive side directly to the skin.
  • ■ Do not place the gel sheets in the freezer.
  • ■ For external use only. Do not use it on or around the eyes, on mucous membranes, or on skin affected by eczema, rashes, or wounds.
  • ■ Stop use and consult a doctor if rashes, redness, itching, or excessive irritation occur. For sensitive skin, consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.
  • ■ The gel sheets should be used under the supervision of a parent or other adult when used on a baby.
  • ■ Do not cover the mouth or nose with the gel sheets.
  • ■ Clean the skin before applying the gel sheets.
  • ■ Use the gel sheets promptly once the pouch is opened.

This is not a medicinal product. If fever persists, consult a doctor.

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