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Registation Number: GA10629819-36258

Good Bye Fever provide Instant cooling effect to soothe fever and heat It gently adhere to the skin and is not eaily displaced if the patient moves or turn his/her head

Cooling effect last up to 8 hours Technology from Japan


Dosage/How to use:

1) Tears to open pouch

2) Remove transparent film from the gel side of the cooling patch and apply to desired body-part

3) Cut Good Bye Fever to a suitable size with scissors if necessary


1) For external use only

Do not use around eyes, sensitive or irritated skin or wounds

2) Discontinue use and consult doctor if have any irritation such as swelling and rashes occurs during or after application

3) Good Bye Fever is not a drug, if fever persist, need to consult doctor

4) When Good Bye Fever is used on children, supervision of parents and pay special attention to keep them from eating or placing the product over their mouths or nostrils to prevent suffocation

5) Good Bye Fever is not stick if the skin is perspiring or when in contact with hair or eyebrows

Storage: Store in cool place, away from direct sunlight Do not store in freezer Keep out of children's reach

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