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Enercal Plus® is specially formulated to provide you with important nutrients as part of a balanced diet, in a great tasting beverage. It provides you with extra energy and protein to complement your diet.

Key benefits:

-High-quality protein (50% whey protein and 50% soy protein)

-High in calcium that aids in strong bones and teeth

-Omega 3 & 6

-Rich in Vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene which are antioxidants repetition that support natural defense system

-Contains 100% Vegetable oil blend

-Rich and pleasant Vanilla flavor

For use as a nutritional supplement: Enercal Plus® can be consumed with a meal or between meals to increase nutrients in the diet. Preparation instructions must be followed as listed on the can, along with your physician's or health advisor's instructions for using this product.


Dosage/How to use:

1 serving per day or as instructed by your healthcare professional. Prepare ENERCAL® Plus using only the enclosed scoop. -

1.0kcal/mL: 4 scoops + 200mL warm water or cool water

1.5kcal/mL: 6 scoops + 180 mL warm water or cool water


- Children below 12 years old

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