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6 Scoops for 6 Benefits:
Complete nutrition - 28 essential vitamins & minerals
Balanced proportions of carbohydrate, protein & fat
Calcium & Vitamin D to support strong bones
Omega-3 & Omega-6 and Low Cholesterol
Prebiotic FOS
Suitable for lactose intolerance & gluten free

Gold Wheat Flavour Complete Nutrition Powder

One 400 g pack provides approximately 6 servings

Preparation and Usage

6 Scoops + 185ml Water = 230ml Recommended 2 servings per day

Instructions for Use: For a standard serving of 230 ml pour 185 ml of water into a glass. Gradually add 6 level scoops (enclosed) or 60.6 g of Ensure® Gold™ powder while stirring and mix until dissolved.

For Tube Feeding: Follow physician's/dietitian's directions. When starting tube feeding, the flow rate, volume and dilution are dependent on patient's condition and tolerance. Care should be taken to avoid contamination of this product during preparation and administration.

Take only on health professional advice

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