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Product Description

Abbott Ensure Gold Wheat is complete and balanced nutrition to build strength and recovery. It contains HMB that will build, repair and protect muscle tissue.

Drinking 2 glasses of Ensure Gold gives you 1.5g of HMB that is scientifically proven to improve strength in 8 weeks. It will benefit people who are at nutrition risk, experiencing involuntary weight loss, recovering from illness or surgery, or on low-residue diets.

It is also free of gluten and lactose and can be used as an oral nutrition supplement or a meal replacement.

It contains:
o HMB and triple protein blend – improve muscle strength
o Omega 3 – essential fatty acid for body function
o Higher Vitamin D – strength bone health and reduce fall risk
o Dual blend of prebiotics – better nutrient absorption, normal digestive function, and enhanced immunity.

Great taste

Target group:

After 40, Ensure® can be the perfect partner supplementing your diet and workout goals.


New and improved Ensure® Gold™ is now even better with special
nutrients, protein + HMB, omega 3, higher vitamin D, and 28 vitamins & minerals.

How to use:

Take 2 servings of Ensure Gold every day.

For 1 standard serving of 230ml Ensure Gold, pour 185ml of warm/cold water into a glass, gradually add 6 level scoops of Ensure Gold powder while stirring, and mix until dissolved.

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