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Premium and natural Lutein, Zeaxanthin, AstaReal®, and Mirtogenol®.

A clinically proven blend of ingredients that helps to strengthen and simultaneously improve overall eye health along with providing protection against harmful blue light. With an advanced formula specifically created to keep your eyes moist and healthy with this 5 to 1 Golden Ratio. Lutein and zeaxanthin

- Powerful antioxidants that defend your body against unstable molecules called free radicals.

- Dietary carotenoids that accumulate in the retina and help to protect our eyes' health

- Natural sunblock by absorbing excess light energy, especially protect your eyes from harmful blue light

- Increases visual processing speed and vision under dim light AstaReal®: Natural astaxanthin, which is hailed as the "King of Antioxidants"

- Helps alleviate eye fatigue

- Relieve symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome Mirtogenol®: synergistic combination formula of Mirtoselect® and Pycnogenol®

- Helps maintain healthy eye pressure

- Helps in preventing vision loss

- Healthy retina

- Helps with eye damage caused by high sugar level Suitable for:

- Digital device users

- Frequently experience dry and tired eyes

- Those with poor eyesight and vision

- Those wish to achieve good eye pressure health

- Vegan and Vegetarians friendly


- Natural Marigold Extract (Lutein and Zeaxanthin)

- Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract ( Astaxanthin)

- Pine Bark Extract (Procyanidins)

- Bilberry Fruit Extract (Anthocyanosides) All ingredients are clinically proven and 100% natural.

Dosage/How to use:

Adults take 1-2 tablet(s) daily with a meal


- Children below 12 years old

- Pregnancy and breastfeeding

- Patient taking warfarin (consult your healthcare professional)

- Allergic to the ingredients listed

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