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Mebo ointment is a blend of herbal ingredients traditionally used to relieve minor burns

It has generative property that achieves regeneration and reparation of injured and aged skin tissue


Radix scutellariae lateriflora, cortex phellodendron amurense, rhizoma coptis chinesis, oleum sesame, cera flava (beewax)

Dosage/How to use:

1) Apply a thin film to the wound surface every 4-6 hours (less than 1mm thickness)

2) Do not use disinfectant or water to clean the affected areas

3) The residual ointment should be wiped off before renewal

4) Expose the wound during the application of ointment


Patients with systemic sign derived from burn wounds should be treated under doctor's supervision

- If thinning of ointment occus, immerse the tube with its cap tightly screwed on in water that has been boiled

Let the tube stand vertically and allow it to cool to room temperature to return the consistency to normal (note that consistensy does not affect efficacy of the product)

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