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MegaLive BCoL is a comprehensive B complex formula with Colostrum, Vitamin C, E & Minerals. These essential nutrients help to convert food into fuel, allowing us to stay energized throughout the day in just a convenient daily dose.


Here’s Why MegaLive BCoL Is Your Best Pick?

  • Time-released technology is used, which allowing nutrients in the tablet to release at a slower & steadier rate over time
  • Formulated & manufactured in Canada
  • Contain a high dose of Vitamin B Complex with colostrum to support body function
  • Ingredients are rigorously checked for quality & supported by clinical studies


Adults: Take 1 tablet once daily after meal or as recommended by a pharmacist/doctor or your health care professional.


Active Ingredients
Each tablet contains:

Colostrum Powder (Bovine) 200mg
Vitamin C 300mg
Vitamin E 50IU
Selenium 20mcg
Zinc 10mg
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 60mg
Vitamin B2 40mg
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 100mg
Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) 60mg
Vitamin B6 49mg
Biotin (Vitamin B7) 200mcg
Inositol (Vitamin B8) 3mg
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 400mcg
Vitamin B12 200mcg
Choline 1mg

MegaLive BCoL Is Suitable For

  • Individuals who are physically active, athletes
  • Individuals who get tired easily
  • Individuals who want to improve general well-being
  • Stressful individual
  • Elderly
  • Alcoholic

    Features And Benefits 

    Colostrum Powder

    • Helps in remarkable muscular-skeletal repair, growth capabilities, build lean muscle & increase stamina.

     Vitamin C

    • An essential vitamin for healthy bones, teeth & gums.

    Vitamin B Complex

    • Deliver 8 of the vitamins B & helps to increase energy production.


    • Helps in DNA synthesis & cell division.


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