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Halal Certificate No. MS2424:2012 1073-07/2012

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a common health problem in which blood pools in the veins, straining the walls of the vein. It can cause leg pain, swelling (edema), itchiness (pruritus) and tenseness as well as hardening of the skin (dermatosclerosis) and fatigue. MegaLive Hemovin Capsule is a combination of Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Butcher’s Broom Root Extract, Hawthorn Berry Extract and Gotu Kola Herb Extract, work synergistically to improve blood circulation and protect blood vessels from oxidative damage.


Why Megalive Hemovin Capsule?

  • Pure and natural ingredients
  • 4 natural active ingredients in 1 ultimate proprietary formula
  • Backed by extensive clinical research proving its efficacy and safety


    Adults: Take 1-2 capsules, once daily after meal or as directed by doctor/pharmacist or your healthcare professional.


    Active Ingredients

    Each 500mg Vegecap contains:
    Horse Chestnut Seed Extract (Semen Aesculus Hippocastanum) 150mg
    Butcher’s Broom Root Extract (Radix Ruscus Aculeatus) 100mg
    Hawthorn Berry Extract (Fructus Crataegus Pinnatifida) 100mg
    Gotu Kola Herb Extract ( Herba Centella Asiatica) 50mg


    Features And Benefits 

    Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

    • A seed extract of Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum L.) is a herbal remedy used for venous insufficiency.
    • The primary active constituent found in Horse Chestnut Seed Extract is aescin. Other constituents include bioflavonoids and proanthocyanidin.
    • Aescin has been shown to have vagotonic properties that may help to decrease vascular permeability and enhance venous contractile activity. It exerts a positive influence on venous tone and increases the flow velocity of venous blood.

    Butcher’s Broom Root Extract

    • The root of Butcher’s Broom contains saponins ruscogenin and neoruscogenin, which have been found to have vasoconstrictive effects.
    • These properties have led to the modern uses of the plant as supportive care for chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins.

    Hawthorn Berry Extract

    • Hawthorn Berry Extract has long been a herbal remedy in Europe. It contains an abundance of oligomeric procyanidins and flavonoids, which are thought to be responsible for its pharmacologic effect.
    • The proanthocyanidin compounds have been shown to reduce capillary fragility, increase venous wall integrity and muscular tone and prevent the break of the extracellular matrices of the blood vessels.

    Gotu Kola Herb Extract

    • The main constituents of Gotu Kola Herb Extract are triterpene acids and their sugar residues (asiaticoside and madecassoside).
    • Gotu Kola is traditionally used to increase energy.
    • It is reported to have a positive effect on tissues and venous insufficiency.

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