NEEPO+ COLD / HOT PACK 26.5 x 13.3cm (M)(CS-CH-I 320)

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Neepo Cold/Hot pack is suitable for both cold and hot therapy (it accept temperature:

- 20~100°C)

The Neepo cold/hot pack will remains soft and flexible after freezing, even in temperatures as low as

- 20°C

It is able to retains heat or coolness for a minimum of 45

- 60 minutes and is reusable Materials: Gel & Nylon + PVC COLD USE: To reduce high body temperature, pain and soreness HEAT USE: To enhances blood circulation and relieves fatigue


Dosage/How to use:


1) Place the pack in freezer 15 minutes before each use

2) Remove and wrap the pack in a dry towel

3 Apply to affected area HOT THERAPY Hot water method

1) Place the pack in hot water (max 80°C) for 10 minutes

2) Remove and wrap the pack in a dry towel

3) Apply to affected area

Microwave Method: 1 Place the pack in a microwave oven (recommended 800W) 2 Ensure that the gel is evenly distributed in the pack 3 Heat the pack for 30 seconds at a low power setting 4 If more heat is required, heat in additional 10 seconds increments until the desired temperature is reached

4) Allow the pack to rest at least 1 minute before application


Keep out of reach of children

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