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Incentive Spirometry is a medical device that helps patients to improve their Lung function and to prevent pulmonary complications. After surgery Incentive spirometer is used to improve respiratory function and helps in recovery.

- Safe and comfortable PE material mouthpiece, combined with ergonomic design.

- Line bending resistance, not affected by the patient's posture, easy to clean, durable.

- Bottom filter screen can effectively prevent cross-infection and keep the sphere clean and hygienic.

- Bright color sphere, integrate into color psychology, inspire patient training.

- Convenient double-card connector design, a tight connection is not easy to fall off.

- The main body is thickened and reinforced, forming in one, durable and anti-falling.


1 unit

Dosage/ How to use:

Before use:

1. Follow your Doctor's Healthcare Professional's advice before using NEMO Incentive Spirometer.

2. Clean the mouthpiece of the Incentive Spirometer before and after every use.

3. Ensure the hose of the NEMO Incentive Spirometer is fixed to the device properly before use.

After use:

1. Sit straight and hold the NEMO Spirometer in an upright position. Ensure the tube is connected properly to the NEMO Spirometer properly. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and close the lips tightly around it.

2. Inhale the air through the mouth slowly and as deeply as possible so as to rise the first ball in the 600cc chamber while the other 2 balls remain at the bottom.

3. Enhance your breath and allow the second ball in the 900cc chamber to rise while the third ball remains at the bottom and then rise the third ball to the top.

4. Hold your breath as long as possible and then take out the mouthpiece to exhale the air through the mouth. After few seconds repeat the above steps again as advised by the healthcare professional.

Caution : 

- Keep away from children.

- Should not be used by multiple people to prevent cross-infection.

- Do not store under direct sunlight, extreme temperature, or in high humidity. Store in a dry environment.

1. What is the standard delivery lead-time?

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Your Order will be delivered to you via the service of a courier service company of our choice. At this juncture, delivery service is extended to Malaysia only. Please allow five (5) working days for Peninsular Malaysia and five (5) to eight (8) working days for East Malaysia including Labuan for processing from the date of AM PM Pharmacy's confirmation of acceptance of an Order within the aforesaid areas unless otherwise notified by AM PM Pharmacy.

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At this juncture, delivery service is extended to Malaysia only.
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6. Can I choose my preferred courier service company?

Your Order will be delivered to you via the service of a courier service company of our choice.

7. Why is my order cancelled?

AM PM Pharmacy reserves the right to withhold delivery of the Products to the Customer if it has any doubts whatsoever as to the Customer's credit worthiness or insufficient identification.

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