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Once A Week Deodorant Once A Week is the ultimate answer to ALL natural body odors. It is the world's first weekly deodorant. Industry-Break-Through... 

Simply the BEST! Once A Week is a dream deodorant; it is water-based, alcohol-free, grease-free, colorless, fragrance-free, and stain free, and... Once A Week is by far the mildest deodorant (in terms of chemical property). Once A Week is the world's first and only 100% water-soluble deodorant of which more than 80% is water. The Philosophy Behind Once A Week - Belief in Healthy Lifestyles Perspiration is a part of Metabolism process. Anti-perspirants or any attempt to stop perspiration are unhealthy. OAW is not an anti-perspirant and does not clog pores. In pursuit of offering users healthy lifestyles, OAW allows users to enjoy healthy perspiration while being rid of all body odors. The Revolutionary Product By tracing back to the source, Once A Week was developed with a sole purpose in mind, which is to solve body odor problems with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Once A Week does not work as a chemical substance to stop body odor. It works to assure personal hygiene by inhibiting the bacteria that produces foul smell. And this enables Once A Week to deliver lasting efficiency for days. Once A Week is as mild as baby shampoo to the skin. In fact, OAW consists of significantly more water, and does not use or contain heavy metals that some recent studies believe may have caused skin cancers. OAW has been clinically tested and proven to cause no skin irritation. OAW is practically water and is safe for all users.

For easy application and convenience, OAW was engineered to come in the form of disposable wipes. Our wipe design allows OAW to be adequately and evenly spread over on the skin according to users' desires.

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