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Elemental Calcium 600mg | Vitamin D3 500 IU | Vitamin K2 60mcg | Selenium 30mcg 4th Generation Formula for Bone Health. The 4th generation of calcium supplement, combines 4 key ingredients, maintain your bone in a healthy state. Calcium is the essential nutrient that helps our bones stay strong. However, evolution of calcium supplement is taken place over time. This is to aid:

◘ Calcium absorption (Vitamin D3).

◘ Brings excessive calcium from blood circulation to bones (Vitamin K2).

◘ Regeneration of bone cells (Selenium).

Calcium - maintain strong bones. Up to 99% of calcium is stored in the bones. Calcium has been clinically proven in preventing osteoporotic fractures by increasing the bone density.

Vitamin D3 - Helps in calcium and phosphorus absorption and utilization. According to the studies, desired level of Vitamin D help in reducing fracture risk. Combination of calcium and Vitamin D provide a better outcome in preventing fractures.

Vitamin K2 - brings Calcium from blood circulation to bones. Vitamin K2 helps to prevent calcium to be deposited in the blood vessels, tissues, and organs. Deposition of calcium in the blood vessels may lead to heart diseases. Studies showed that increased in Vitamin K2 may lower calcium-associated health risk.

Natural Selenium Selenium plays an important role in bone health. Selenium deficiency causes a change in bone metabolism and hence increase the risk of osteoporosis. Selenium level was found to be lower in osteoporosis bone. The antioxidant properties of selenium help in protecting the bones, hence prevent bone ageing and maintain the bones in a younger state. Furthermore, selenium aids in regenerating bone cells by modulating bone cell proliferation (increases in the number of cells).

Direction of use

Dosage: Adult - Take 1 tablet twice daily, preferably taken with meal or as directed by your pharmacist / doctor.

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