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Oradex antibacterial mouthwash contains 0

12% Chlorhexidine Digluconate Chlorhexidine is an effective barrier against various microorganisms in the oral cavity including bacteria, yeast, fungi, some protozoa, algae and viruses It is the preferred choice for preventing and treating swollen and bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and other common oral and throat infections This mouth wash may also prevent dental plaque formation and promote healing after oral surgery, dental implants, extractions, periodontal surgery It is free from alcohol, paraben, SLS, rendering suitability for all ages and those sensitive to alcohol



12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Dosage/How to use:

1) Hold or swirl around the mouth gently with 15ml undiluted mouthwash for 30 seconds

2) Tilt head backwards and move liquid to back of mouth and hold for at least 10 seconds before spitting out

3) Rinse two times daily


Store at room temperature not exceeding 30°C and keep away from direct light

- Staining of tongue & teeth, taste disturbances may occur

- Inform your healthcare professional if you have known allergy to chlorhexidine

- Discontinue if irritation occur

- Do not swallow this product

- Keep out of reach of children

- For external use only

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