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OSTEOEAZ PLUS is the remedy to relieve your pain and stiff joints!
Formulated with Spain formulation, OSTEOEAZ PLUS is a passion fruit flavoured drink riched in olive extract with marine derived collagen peptide aids in joint regeneration. Also, it contains Lipocal™ calcium for better bone health

Marine collagen peptide- promotes joint regeneration and lubrication
Tremella extract- natural remedy of sodium hyaluronate for better joint and tissue hydration
Curcumin powder- anti-inflammation property to reduce symptoms of joint pain and stiffness.
Lipocal™ calcium- provides calcium for better bone health
Hytolive extract- provides antioxidant properties to aid in absorption of other ingredients.
Multimineral & multivitamin- provides essential nutrients for the body.

Direction of use

1. Mix 1 sachet of OsteoEaz with 150ml of water.
2. Mix well and consume orally.
3. Consume once daily before meal.


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