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PUREMED OSTEOEAZ PLUS is a botanical beverage mix passion fruit with olive extract

Synergistic blend of OsteoEaz help to promote joint health and fucntion Benefit of each ingredient: 1) Lipocal

- Highly bioavailable calcium source

- High calcium concentration

- Lecithin coated calcium – Increase Ca dispersibility & absorption

2) Type II Collagen

- Peptide component of joint cartilage

- Reduces inflammation

- Undenatured Type II Collagen soursed from Avian Chicken Sternum Cartilage from US

- Clinically proven on relieving joint pain

- Prevention of bone loss 3) Tremella (TreBeaut)

- Contains precursor of Hyaluronic acid

- Nutritive supports for production of Hyaluronic acid in the body

- Supports joint & skin hydration & moisturisation

- Supports joint regeneration

4) Hytolive Extract

- Rich in natural hydroxytyrosol which is high bioavailability

- 100% naturally processed olive fruit

- Clinically proven to decreases pain in joint inflammation 5) Cureit

- Highly bioefficacious curcuminoid formulation

- Polar

- Non polar Sandwiching (PNS) patented technolpogy

- 10x fold increase in bioavailability compared to other available brands in market

- Shows significant anti

- rheumatoid activity via anti

- inflammation activity

OsteoEase is recommended for:


- Anyone suffering from joint inflammation, sports injuries

- Athletes and people who exercise frequently

- Elderly

- Those wanting to prevent joint pain in the future

- Menopause women

- Injury to the joints which damages cartilage

- People who are obese, which puts undue stress on the joints of the knees, hips, back and feet


Ingredients: Passion fruit juice powder, grapefruit powder, collagen peptide (fish), tremella extract, curcumin powder, Lipocal (calcium), Hytolive (olive extract), Rosehip extract, Vitamin & mineral premix and inulin

Dosage/How to use:

Direction of use -Mix 1 sachet of OsteoEaz with 150ml of water

-Mix well and consume orally -Consume 1-2 times daily before meal


Contraindications: -Hypersensitivity to the listed ingredients

- pregnancy and lactation, consult healthcare professional prior consuming

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