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10 seconds measurement
Flexible Tip
Fever Alarm
Auto shut-off
°C / °F switchable
Low battery indicator
Self-diagnosis for malfunction


1. Press the ON/OFF button. All symbols will be displayed on the screen for 2 seconds, followed by a "beep" sound.

2. By releasing the ON/OFF button the last measured temperature will be shown for 2 seconds. The self-test temperature will be shown afterwards - 37.0°C (98.5°F), followed by Lo°C (Lo°F)(the lowest temperature).

3. Wipe or dip the probe with alcohol for disinfection. Place the probe in an oral, rectal or axillary measurement position.

4. Once the degree mark °C (°F) has stopped flashing (usually after 10 to 40 seconds), a "beep" signal will sound for approx. 10 times and the measured temperature will be shown on the display. The temperature reading doesn't change if the thermometer is moved away from the measurement position. If the temperature is lower than 37.8°C (100.0 °F), the alarm will sound with a "Bi---Bi---Bi---Bi" frequency. If the temperature is higher or equal to 37.8°C (100.0°F), the alarm will sound off with a higher frequency: Bi-Bi-Bi---Bi-Bi-Bi approx. 10 times in a row.

5. The unit turns off automatically after 10 minutes to save energy. However, in order to prolong the battery life, it is recommended to manually press the On/Off button to turn off the unit once the measurement has been completed.

6. Please dispose of any used batteries and thermometer according to the local regulations. Note: After the 2nd step, if the room temperature is higher than 32.0°C (89.6°F), it will be displayed on the screen as the room temperature.

Note: Usage of the probe cover may result in a 0.1°C (0.2°F) difference from the actual temperature.
Note: Clean the probe before and after every use in order to ensure an accurate reading and avoid cross-contamination.

Oral Use
Place the probe under the patient's tongue. The patient should keep the mouth closed for approx. 20 seconds. Do not drink hot or very cold drinks, exercise, smoke, or perform other activities prior to having your temperature taken. These activities could be higher or lower in comparison to a normal average temperature.

Axillary Use
Tightly place the probe under the patient's armpit for about 30 seconds.
* Place the thermometer in a way to enable full contact between the probe and the armpit of a baby or a child.

Rectal Use
Always use the probe cover when taking rectal measurements.

1. This method is commonly used for young children when taking an oral or axillary temperature is difficult.

2. Lubricate the probe with a water-soluble gel. Do not use petroleum jelly.

3. Gently insert the probe tip no more than 1.5-2.0 cm into the rectum and hold it there for approx 10 seconds. Do not forcefully insert the probe a resistance is met.

4. Disinfect the thermometer after every use. For more info, refer to the "cleaning and disinfection" section.


- Do not bend, drop or twist the thermometer. It is not shockproof.

- Do not store the unit under direct sunlight, at a high temperature, in high humidity, or dust.

- Avoid strong electromagnetic interference such as microwave ovens and cell phones.

- Keep battery away from children. Harmful if swallowed.

- Battery should not be charged or placed into extreme heat as it may explode.

- Remove the battery from the thermometer when not in operation for a long time.

- If the unit is stored in an extreme environment before measurement, please make sure it has been firstly adopted at room temperature so that the unit
can be measured normally.

- High, prolonged fever requires medical attention, especially for young children.

- To clean the probe before and after using the thermometer to ensure an accurate reading and avoid cross contamination approximately, no matter the proven cover has been installed or not.

- Do not drink hot or cold fluids, exercise, and smoke or perform other activities prior to a reading. These activities will raise or lower temperature readings when compared to your normal, average temperature.


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