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The Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash Menopause pH 6.8 helps to balance out vaginal flora for women who are going through menopause. When women experience menopause and other hormonal changes, the vaginal area often becomes extra sensitive, irritated and even dry. That's where our Feminine Intimate Wash for women going through or about to enter into menopause comes in. This special wash is recommended by dermatologists and gynecologists to restore the pH level back to normal, supporting healthy and balanced vaginal flora. Feminine Intimate Wash Menopause pH 6.8 Sebamed Research & Development is dedicated to protecting the health of your skin through supporting its natural metabolical functions and biological barrier. Feminine Intimate Wash provides natural and gentle cleansing of the external genital area and therapeutic support of intimate hygiene. It is especially formulated with mild active compounds and matched to the pH value of 6.8, the exact pH level of the natural barrier of the intimate area. Through hormonal changes, especially during menopause, dryness of the mucous lining can occur, which can reduce its protective capacity. The calming and regenerative quality of the herbal extract hamamelis virginiana, combined with panthenol, alleviate irritation and help restore the physiological environment of the vulva.



Direction of use

Dispense and lather softly in the palms of the hands. Cleanse the genital area gently and rinse thoroughly. 

For external use only. 

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