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S&N Opsite Flexigrid is a transparent adhesive film with a distinctive wound measurement grid to monitor wound progress

The film is moisture

- Vapor is permeable to prevent skin maceration and retains the needed moisture at the same time for wound healing

It is conformable to wear up to as long as 14 days, and waterproof to allow bathing This film is transparent for accurate application and flexible to be used on all areas of the body It could also be cut to shape awkward areas Flexigrid provides moist wound healing for superficial wounds; it is also suitable as a secondary dressing, and to help prevent pressure sores


Waterproof film

Dosage/How to use:

Step 1:

1. Wash hands before and after treating the wound

2. Clean the wounds and its surrounding, removing any debris. Ensure surrounding skin remains dry before application (Do not apply to heavily bleeding wounds)

3. Remove dressing from pouch.

4. Remove the backing paper marked 1 and be careful not to touch the adhesive side.

5. Place the dressing over the wound using light pressure.

6. Remove the backing paper marked 2. Press around the edges of the dressing and smooth the dressing down

Removal: Lift one corner and slowly stretch the film in a direction parallel to the skin. Dispose of the dressing with care.


- Record the wound size if required

- Remove the green grid and keep it in the patients' records.


- Store flat, in a cool and dry place at room temperature

- May be used in clinically infected wounds if the patient should be under medical supervision, a patient receiving suitable systemic treatment and the dressing is changed daily

- Immunocompromised and diabetic patients require extra supervision (care should be taken to avoid skin damage by repeating applications on thin and fragile skin)

- Some irritation or maceration of skin has been reported (inappropriate use or too frequent changing particularly in patients with fragile skin may result in skin stripping)

- For external use only

- Keep away from children

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