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S&N Opsite spray is a transparent and quick drying film which provide protection for minor surgeries and wounds

The film formed is water resistant and at breathable at the same time to prevent skin maceration It is easy to apply and the film stays on the skin areas even over flexible regions such as knuckles This product do not contain CFC propellants


Transparent quick drying aerosol film dressing

Dosage/How to use:

1) Invert can and spray at intended site evenly at distance not less than 15cm

2) Build up the dressing with a number of thin applications Dressing removal : It can be peeled off completely when dry, left to slough off unaided or removed with adhesive plaster remover


Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperature > 50 degree celsius

Stay away from open flame/ sources of ignition and do not pierce or burn, even after use

- Use in well ventilated areas

- Avoid inhaling

- Not to be used together with iodine preparation (skin reddening may occur)

- Do not use in children < 18 years old

- Not intended to be used in conjunction with other medicated preparations

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