TIGER BALM PLASTER COOL 10cm x 14cm (L) 2's

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Tiger balm plaster is a whitish yellow paste spread on non

- woven material applied externally on the skin

It's easy

- on, easy

- off application leaves no residue on the skin

Made with hydrogel technology, this cooling patch provides long lasting relieve for muscularskeletal discomforts and fatigue


Camphor, Mentha oil, eucalyptus oil, menthol

Dosage/How to use:

1) Clean and dry affected areas

2) Remove protective film and apply to affected areas not more than 1-2 times daily

3) Intended for external use only (please seek medical attention if accidentally swallowed)

4) Apply plaster half and hour after bathing and remove plaster one hour before bathing


Store below 30 degree celcius and away from children

Keep unused plaster in the original packaging and do not expose unused plaster in the atmosphere for too long

- Discontinue if condition worsens, rash/redness/ swelling/ itching occurs

- Contraindicated in infants below 2 years of age and use with caution in older children

- Contains camphor that may be absorbed into the body and increases risk of bleeding in warfarin users

- Should not be given in users with known hypersensitivity aspirin/ salicylates or to any of the ingredients listed

- Safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established, use with caution

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