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The Vision Therapy Eyewear, or pinhole glasses, uses the scientific principle that light travels in straight lines to create the pinhole effect. Images are sharpened without the use of lenses or prescription glasses.

- Helps you see near or far objects clearly without prescription glasses by using the pin-hole scientific principle to focus a sharper image on the retina.

- Eliminates stress and strain caused by glasses. The Eyewear has no prescription. The same pair works to see far and near!

- Breaks your dependence on glasses and relearn to see naturally unaided.

- Prevents eyesight deterioration and helps improve vision.

- Activates your natural vision ability to see clearly by training your eyes and mind to be better coordinated, and strengthening the muscles and nerves in your brain and vision system to see better naturally.

- Promotes good vision habits, as taught by the Bates Method.

- Helps improve eyesight naturally. The pin-hole Eyewear has more than 100 years of track record.

Dosage/How to use:

Wear this pinhole glass for 15 minutes a day.


Due to the restricted peripheral vision, one should not wear the Eyewear when driving or moving about outdoors for safety considerations.


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